Search & Browse

The London Stage Calendar can be browsed by date or searched.

Browse displays entries per week as Monday - Saturday, in calender mode.

Search will display a Season Summary, Theatre summary and individual links to entries on that page.

Entries may include underlining, which is indicated in a different colour. These underlining elements can be hidden from the display.

Searching is possible by theatres, performance titles, names, roles or a combination of the boxes.

Full text search is the default if no boxes are ticked. In this case, a single word or phrase will give the most results. The search term "Panto" will also find "Pantomime" and "Pantomimes".

When searching, note that statistics are counted by season, not by calendar year. The menu item Seasons explains further and discusses how the start date for each year was calculated.

Start of season dates for the London Stage Calendar.