The Project

The London Stage Project is an envelope title for a number of research projects on the London stage under the direction of Michael Burden, with Jonathan Hicks as co-director. Projects include the series of conferences The London Stage in the 19th-century World, The Italian Aria in London 1705-1801, and Staging History, an Oxford-Princeton Collaborative Partnership with Wendy Heller which included exchange seminars, the Bodleian Library exhibition 'Staging History', and the published collection of essays of the same title in 2016. See also Other Projects.

The context for much of this activity has been the The London Stage Calendar 1800-1844 of which Part I: 1800 to 1832 was released on 17 April 2021. An electronic calendar of performances, it is designed to expand the range of the existing London Stage 1660-1800, now available online at For over 40 years this scholarly work has aided and stimulated research into the drama, staging, management and politics of the 18th-century London theatre. The success of this tool, however, has caused a cut-off point in published scholarship, with many studies ending — as does the calendar — in 1800.

The London Stage 1800-1844 is designed also to respond to changes in research priorities since the old London Stage was conceived by including popular or 'illegitimate' performance venues as well as better known 'west-end' houses. The London Stage Calendar Part II: 1833 to 1844 is due for publication in April 2022.

Our priority has been the construction of a calendar of performances, and in doing so, we have focussed on a single source — The Times — rather than producing conflated entries. This bibliographical underpinning has survived the various strains put on it in practice, and there are only a few entries, clearly acknowledged, where daily information has been supplied from elsewhere.

There is no doubt there is more — much, much more — to be learned about these performances; and we hope the calendar will provide that impetus. As with all such projects, it has taken much longer than we intended, but at the heart of this struggle for time and funds, has been the desire to keep the calendar an open resource. Our funders have our heartfelt thanks for their support.

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Miss Wilson in Artaxerxes