Personnel and Funding


Director: Michael Burden Co-Director: Jonathan Hicks
Advisory board: Michael Burden, Wendy Heller, Jonathan Hicks, Jim Davies, David Taylor
Technical support: Thaddeus Lipinski (web and database designer), Rachel Moore (grant administrator), Jacek Ostrowski (research assistant)

The London Stage Calendar is one of a number of projects under the London Stage banner:

A number of others have undertaken tasks on the project: Ian Matzen, Rachel Moore, Vanessa Rogers, Ian Taylor, and Ben Winters.

We would also like to acknowledge all those who at different points in the project have offered us support and advice, both formally and casually.

Project Support

The London Stage calendar has received financial support from a number of sources. The project began as a designated research project supported by New College, Oxford, support which allowed the project to be thoroughly scoped and systems to be established and managed. Significant support has come from Eugene Ludwig, through the Ludwig Family Charitable Trust, which has supported the data inputting, as has Oxford University's John Fell Fund. The calendar contains data that was prepared as part of a project on Thomas Monck Mason that was supported by The British Academy, and by a summer project supported by Rhodes College, Memphis.


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